Age on Your CV when You’re 45 or 50+??

👉 Should you share your age on your CV / resume, if you’re on the wrong side of 45 or 50? In fear of “ageism” you could try to hide your age. Should you? Dunno… trying to hide it doesn’t sit well with me. If the employer / recruiter is ageist, they’ll figure it out … Read more

2 Points About ATS CVs / Resumes

👉 I get lot’s of questions about having an “ATS” CV / resume. Which means a CV that works well with Applicant Tracking Systems – software / bots that scan your CV to figure out if you match a job ad. I have two things to say about this: ➤ 1) have two CVs/resumes. One … Read more

1-Step to a More Future Focussed CV

👉 MAKE YOUR CV FUTURE FOCUSSED – you want to appeal to the NEXT employer, not just dumping your past on them. You want to give them what THEY’RE looking for. Here’s 1 easier way to do this (easier than spending hours overhauling your entire CV for every job you apply for): Start your CV … Read more

Job Hunters – Narrow Your Search, Map the Landscape

Job hunting and CV writing idea: 👉map the landscape.👈 What does it mean? Ask yourself and research these questions: what businesses hire people with my skills in my area? what could I do for them? what are their needs? who knows people in those businesses– who could introduce me? When you narrow your search down … Read more

Hilarious Job Interview Revenge Comedy Skit

👉 UNSUCCESSFUL JOB INTERVIEW? Watch this. Sweet revenge on the heartless, lying, dishonest and arrogant recruiters and HR people out there! This one’s for all the unsuccessful interviewees heading home with their heads down tonight! You need some comic relief. (Warning: bad word toward the end.)