Age on Your CV when You’re 45 or 50+??

👉 Should you share your age on your CV / resume, if you’re on the wrong side of 45 or 50?

In fear of “ageism” you could try to hide your age. Should you?

Dunno… trying to hide it doesn’t sit well with me. If the employer / recruiter is ageist, they’ll figure it out one way or another! And then you look like you’re trying to deceive. It brings into question your integrity. At least in their warped and twisted mind! Right?

Having said that, ageism is out there. So there’s also no need to shout it from the rooftops or bring it up on the first line, okay? But it will eventually be revealed, and here’s the thing:

⚡ they will either care, or they will not…

They will either see age as an obstacle. Or they will focus on your value. What problems you can solve. What solutions you bring. That’s the kind of employer you’re looking for. And that’s where to place your focus on your CV/resume.

3 Points to finish off:

➤ 1) be modern, up to date, concise, bold and clear – this counters the stereotype, look like you’re dynamic, ‘with it.’

➤ 2) adapt your content to showcase how you solve the problems they have. Be relevant. And …

➤ 3) be flexible in terms of how you are hireable (ie not just on a permanent, long term contract).


(What does the picture below tell you? Certainly “older”. But also confident, experienced, formidible. Why hide it?)

Older. But also… confident, experienced, formidible.