Start Your Next Talk – or Job Interview – with a Shock

👉 A SHOCKING STORY. No, I don’t have one for you, but I do recommend it. For what? As a way to start your next talk.

I have a short talk tonight on the topic of controlling one’s temper. I’m starting with a story. Actually, I’m starting with the most shocking part of the story. Here it is: “I ran home, took an axe, and began to smash the windows of my house”. (not my story, someone elses!)

Instead of saying, “can everyone hear me?” or “my name is”, or “um, uh, well, thank you for listening to me”. Rather, I’ll start with the drama, intrigue and desire to hear more of that line.

How could you do the same in your next talk?

➤ Is it a business presentation? Can you use a shocking story of a competitor who’s gone out of business? Or a story of a failed initiative? Or of a shockingly successful project? Or a shocking statistic. Can you use these as warnings or wake up calls?

➤ In a job interview? When asked, “So, tell us about yourself?” can you start by saying something unexpected? Like this perhaps: “In my last job, I took an axe to supply chain costs. During my first 3 months we negotiated better terms, and saved 11% annually.”

Getting off to an attention getting start is always a great idea. In trying to help my clients give better talks, this is one easy way.