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Gerard le Roux
Gerard le Roux

I’m Gerard le Roux. Here’s how I help you:

Your image matters. It can be the difference between closing that deal, or not. Impressing that investor, or not. Making an influential contact, or not. Having your next employer want to meet you, or not.

And we’re not talking your hair. Or the colour of your tie. That stuff matters, sure. You’ll be judged on it. No doubt.

And it’s my job to tidy this up for you: your online profile, your CV, your social media presence. To figure you out. To present you to the world. Online. In print.

I help you ensure people can find you. That what they see when they find you, for example, on Google, is easy to read. Easy to understand. Easy on they eye. It should build trust. It should inform. It should be clear. Simple. They should want to do business with you. You should stand out.

Who Do I Help?

The above is true of everyday people. Also of CEOs, CFOs, etc, professionals, of course. But, really, it’s true of anyone who wants someone to trust them and like them.

It’s hard to do it yourself. It takes someone who has a way with words, is a copywriter (think advertising, marketing, PR), has some graphic design skills, understands what you do and can strategize with you about your personal brand, your image, what you need to put out there.


  • If you’re an executive, a business leader, CEO, Chairman
  • If you’re a speaker, an author, someone people look up to
  • If you’re a professional, a senior manager
  • If you’re looking for a job – you’re a job hunter

How Do I Help?

I help you in the following ways:

  • Write your CV or resume
  • Write your profile
  • Write your bio for your company website
  • Write a covering letter
  • Set up a personal website for you
  • I’ll help make your speeches and talks more memorable


  • If you’re a business owner and you need more sales, more return for the advertising you’re already doing – let’s devise ways to make your offers more compelling.

How to Reach Me, Gerard le Roux

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Skype: gerardlr
Ph: +27 83 7445454