Need to make an impact?

I write the words and create documents that make you or your business stand out. For example…

  • Are you a frustrated job hunter? – but your CV and LinkedIn profile look like a million others. You have great skills and value. But you don’t know how to communicate it in words, on the page, online.
  • Are you around the age of 50? – you may be facing change at work. You have valuable experience. But defining your value proposition, putting it in words, creating a CV, LinkedIn profile… you get stuck.
  • Are you an SMME business owner? – but your business profile and business LinkedIn page are not written well, you have nothing “wow!” to send your client prospects. You don’t have time for it.
  • Are you giving a speech, presentation or talk? – but you’re struggling with the words, how to hold attention or to be memorable. You’re nervous, especially of being boring! And the date is coming closer!

These are the problems I solve. Let’s get on a free 15 minute call. You can explain your situation. I’ll give a few quick ideas that you can use immediately, and then you’re free to ask me how I can help with a ‘done for you’ solution.

I’m on: +27 83 744 5454 (Whatsapp, mobile) and gerard@gerardleroux.me.