2 Points About ATS CVs / Resumes

👉 I get lot’s of questions about having an “ATS” CV / resume. Which means a CV that works well with Applicant Tracking Systems – software / bots that scan your CV to figure out if you match a job ad.

I have two things to say about this:

➤ 1) have two CVs/resumes. One for people – more visually appealing, with more interesting elements that grab attention (eg a quote from your MD saying “Joe walks on water!” and perhaps a pic that makes you look friendly, warm, competant – a good pic can do that.) This is the document you send direct to a contact.

A second CV for ATS’s – easy for search engines to scan, really plain to look at, a simple document focussed on keywords, easy to edit to match the job ad (this has to be done if your ATS resume is going to work at all), easy to upload online.

➤ 2) Don’t let it get to the point where you need any kind of ATS CV. Fact is, you’re unlikely to rank high in the search results unless you practically match every word on the job ad, even then… There are so many factors playing in. It’s a needle in a haystack situation. You’re better off connecting with real live people.

I write ATS CVs but I warn my clients not to expect too much from it.

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