Is Your 30 Years’ Experience Enough? No. Add This.

👉 “Uneasy” “irritable” “restless” “tired” – if you feel like this at work, this may be for you. Especially if you’ve been ‘in the trenches’ for 25 or 30 years now. In this post series, I’m detailing the way out. Two weeks back I wrote a piece detailing Step #1 of what you need to … Read more

Age on Your CV when You’re 45 or 50+??

👉 Should you share your age on your CV / resume, if you’re on the wrong side of 45 or 50? In fear of “ageism” you could try to hide your age. Should you? Dunno… trying to hide it doesn’t sit well with me. If the employer / recruiter is ageist, they’ll figure it out … Read more