1) Professional CV / Resume & LinkedIn Services:

Is your CV/resume holding you back? Not anymore. Doing it yourself can be a pain. You may not get it right. And it may cost you job interviews. So, I can help. I’m a professional CV writer – and I’ll use my experience in sales, as a copywriter, job search coach and corporate recruiter to do that.

But I’m not just any professional CV writer… I use my unique [DIS] RUUPT (TM) set of principles to make a difference. It’s the difference between long bulleted lists and boring and dynamic and persuasive, more job interviews and job offers.

Interested? get in touch with me personally. Let's have a quick chat to explore what you need, how I can assist and what it costs (fees range from R1,200 for students to a R4,500 full service.) Whatsapp on +27 83 744 5454 or on 

2) The 50 Service

Are you around the age of 50? Feeling like you need a change? Perhaps you’re no longer excited by running a big business, or a unit, or big projects. You start wondering what else may be out there for you – perhaps with more flexibility, less politics. But you’re not sure what? Or how? You just know you don’t want the last five years repeated in the next five!

So, my 50 Service sets you up to being sought-after
and highly valued for your experience – positioning you to attract opportunities, ventures, consulting jobs, etc.

It’s for you if you’re around the age of 50 (from 45 – 60 years old) when you feel at a crossroads and the future is uncertain. You need the value of your years of experience articulated powerfully in your CV, on LinkedIn, in video and other content that positions you as a “go-to” person in your field.

Want to Know More?  Send me a Whatsapp on +27 83 744 5454 or email: I'll send more info. I’ll answer questions. Let’s see if we’re a good match to work together to ready you for new horizons. 

3) Business Services

Are you an SMME business owner? – but your business profile and business LinkedIn page are not written well, you have nothing “wow!” to send your client prospects. You don’t have time for it. Just like my CVs, the idea is to attract attention and new business. To be concise. You want your prospective client to take one look and say, immediately, “this is what we’re looking for”. In 1 page. Maybe 2. Then we can use that as a basis for your LinkedIn business page, your social media profiles, even your website copy.

Should we Talk About This?  Whatsapp me on +27 83 744 5454 or email: I can send you my examples and talk about what you need.

4) Public Speaking – How to Make Your Next Talk, Your Best Ever

Professionals, emerging leaders, executives: does your public speaking need work? Perhaps no-one tells you that. But in your ‘gut’, you know it’s true. When you have to give a talk, speech or presentation, you wonder: “how do I make this interesting? How do I make it not boring?” You feel unsure of yourself. You’d love to be memorable. And entertaining. Confident. Clear. Concise. But how?

I have a solution. I’ll help you personally. How? One-to-one. Via my “Weak to Wow! by Next Week” public speaking coaching programme. Together, we’ll tackle your very next talk. Over about four 30-minute sessions (on Zoom or Google Meet) and within a week (flexible), we’ll get you to “intriguing, entertaining, confident, clear, and concise.”

Intrigued? Let’s talk. Send me a quick Whatsapp on +27 83 744 5454 or email me on I’ll send more info and talk about what you need.