Being Valued Over 50 – How Identifying WHO You Serve Helps – an example.

👉 Okay, so IF you’re around 50, you may have a problem: wanting to leave the corporate mothership (or even being subtly elbowed out). But where to? To do what? For who?

Those questions can stall you.

Last week I wrote a piece detailing Step #1 of what you need to do to make the road ahead clearer (even exciting!)

➤ Step #1 is “Take Inventory”. Yep, what do you have that could help others – skills, knowledge, wisdom? These are the building blocks of becoming and remaining ‘in demand’ out there ‘in the wild.’

But there’s more to it. It’s not just WHAT you do. It’s WHO you do it for – who you could help, who has problems you could solve.


You’re a Data Engineer – business intelligence, data analytics, data warehouses, ETL, data bases, ‘big data’ – this is your world. You lead large teams of super intelligent people in a massive telecom. Your job title is Chief Data Officer.

You’re in charge of collecting, organising, providing access to, understanding, analysing, creating reports to reveal trends, to help understand the business, all to promote better business decisions.

Okay, that’s the “WHAT” you do. Now the “WHO” you do it for.

At present it’s a Telecom. BUT what you do really applies to so all kinds of enterprises. And that realisation could change your thinking around what you do and who you do it for Big time.

So, you could leave your company and:

➤ Contract back to them on a consulting or contract basis.
➤ Provide advisory services to the ‘big data’ sofware vendors
➤ Offer specialist project based services to consulting firms
➤ Create your own set of ‘mini’ analytics services for SMMEs
➤ You start a YouTube channel / podcast discussing Big Data
➤ You start a website, analysing trends, new methods, products
➤ You develop a talk around cool analytics topics and speak at conferences – where you release your inner comedian too

And you…

➤ Consult to Golf Clubs (worldwide) – consulting to them about “mining” their member data for marketing purposes (cause you love golf and this sounds like a bit of fun)

So… do you see how it’s important to get creative about WHO you can provide value to? It opens the mind.

Hope this helps you! I’m here to speak if you’d like to chat more about what you’re facing.

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