Around 50 & Want to Be Valued for Your Experience? Step #1

👉 LATE IN YOUR CAREER? Here’s 1 good idea of a series of good ideas for you if: 1) you’re around 50, 2) are facing a change at work and 3) want to keep yourself sought after for your immense experience, skills, knowledge.

😎 Here’s the thing – you go on in your career, year after year, and everything is fine. You have many wins. Promotions. Awards. You slay your enemies in the corporate battlefield!

You change jobs here and there. You’re ‘headhunted’. No job ad applications for you. Your reputation precedes you.

🤔 But then… as you get older… your priorities start changing. You may start daydreaming – yes, really – of a less intense environment. Less politics. More flexibility. But making a change is risky. (Because, if you leave your existing job when you’re over 50, you only have a 10% chance you will ever again be compensated at the level of the job you left – Urban Institute & Prorepublica report).

So, how do you create options for yourself – options to continue being valuable, sought after – but more on your own terms? Here’s step #1.

Taking inventory means defining how you’re valuable. And to whom you’re valuable. Imagine you’re a small business for a minute. It’s just you. In the wild. What do you have that could help others – skills, knowledge, wisdom? These are the building blocks of what’s to come – becoming ‘in demand’.

(Seems simple, right? Not so fast. These actually may be tough questions to answer if youve been embedded for so long in your corporate career. So, I’ll be expanding on it later this week.)

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