The Trick to Opening UP Your Prospect’s Mind

It’s all just a blur. Y’know, all that information that comes at you daily – via email, social media, Internet?

So, how do you reach your prospect?

With a message that is in their immediate interest.

So, here’s the trick to that. Say you’re selling a glue product. In your sales material you say…

  • XYZ Glue contains Xylophosphate
  • XYZ Glue has a turtleneck nozzle

And to that your prospect will say… “so what?!”

But let’s try that again…

  • XYZ Glue contains Xylophosphate –
    dries fast so you’ll have your repair done in 1 minute.
  • XYZ Glue has a turtleneck nozzle –
    no drips, no mess, no glue on the table for your wife to complain about.

What’s the difference? By adding the benefit to the listed product feature, you’re thinking from your customer’s point of view – what will they gain? what’s in it for them? what actual, ‘on-the-ground’ problem does it solve for them?

And that… that… they are likely to find much more interesting and persuasive. No longer just a blur, but a solution.

So, in the copy on your website, in a brochure, in your business profile, on your business LinkedIn page – always think of benefits to your prospective customer. Make them feel understood. It opens their mind. As a result, they’ll buy.