The Power-Packed Two-Punch Persuasion Combo.

Major positive impact. Tipping the scale in your favor. In a moment, sparking a ‘buy’ decision.

That’s what the right testimonial can do – on your website, on your business card, on your business profile, on an advert. Here’s what this means. Here’s why it works.

An Example

First, here’s an example – a testimonial I received:

“Gerard really took time to understand me. I felt down a career hole. I was tired and burned out. I was being trampled on by younger people wanting my job. Gerard took my CV and completely transformed the way I saw myself. He picked out the golden threads of my career, experience and skills. He showcased my value, value I’d all but forgotten. He presented me in a confident, bold, modern way. I cannot tell you how it boosted my confidence. It lifted my spirits. It gave me hope that I could open new doors.”

– GM: Finance, XYZ Corp, CA(SA)

How & Why it Works

Here’s why the right testimonial can influence and persuade.

  1. It connects. Yes. It can be so relateable – where your reader / prospective buyer says to themselves: “Sounds like this guy had exactly the problem I have. And he got a great result. Mmmm.”

    See how the right client prospect may find that persuasive. They may well identify with the feelings. That’s powerful.
  2. It conveys credibility, creates trust. The person giving the testimonial is not a ‘small fry’. He’s experienced. Qualified. A leader in a large corporation. So the thinking is: “if he believes in Gerard, I should too.”

With those two things: connection / relateability and the credibility of the source… it’s a very powerful combination.

Collect these. Go back to your favourite clients. Ask them for one. Just a casual email is fine. No need for letterheads and perfect grammar. Then showcase them as a weekly post on your FB page, on your website, on your LinkedIn business page, in an email to a prospect as a P.S. at the bottom or as part of the sig text.

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