Are You Over 50 & Facing a Job-Search Crisis? Step#1

👉 ARE YOU OVER 50 AND FACING A JOB-SEARCH CRISIS? (Step #1) I’m going to be writing a series of short steps to help you. Just know: there’s no quick, magic-fix. Some fresh thinking will be required. And perhaps uncomfortable actions. But a crisis is never comfortable anyway. Hopefully this will help you.

STEP #1: You may be hoping to carbon-copy your last job in a new job. You may be hoping to find exactly what you had before. That may not be happening for you. So what do you do?

It’s good to first figure out what jobs you could do, and want to do. So, do that. What specific jobs could you perform, conceivably? Make a list.

➤ Go up and down – more senior to less senior; go across – different technologies and disciplines within your field of expertise.

➤ When you look at jobs advertised in your field – what titles and descriptions appeal to you? Which makes you say: “I can do that.”

➤ Google “what jobs exist similar to mining engineer” (substitute mining engineer with what your job is). Explore. Observe.

➤ Also, speak to others, people you respect. Ask: “If you were me, what jobs would you be looking at?”

➤ Also, what are the jobs within your old job – different sub-functions? What jobs are associated with your old job?

Hopefully now, you have quite a long list. These are options. These are jobs you’d be good at. You have the experience.

Now, look out for tomorrow’s post.